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The International System of Units (SI)

CAVEAT: The information here is intended to let the reader see the overall flow of the conversion factors and the relation of one unit to another. Always check conversion factors actually used in critical work to be certain they are correct and provide the precision needed.

Twelve Unique Features of the SI Charts

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Getting to Know the SI

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Basic Documents

Cover page Coding of the SI Charts SI Prefixes Physical Constants
Suggestion: Print the above pages as starting pages, followed by specific SI charts (below) of your choice, and staple them together for ready desk-top reference.

Selected Physical Quantities by Category

Space, Time, and Periodic Phenomena
angular velocity area frequency length
time volume and liquid capacity volume and dry capacity
acceleration angle angular velocity density
dynamic viscosity flow rate force kinematic viscosity
mass moment of inertia pressure and stress torque
Energy and Power
decibels and nepers energy energy (calorie units) energy (Btu units)
power power density power (horsepower units) power level difference
temperature temperature interval thermal conductivity
Electrity and Magnetism
capacitance conductance current density electric charge
electric current electric field strength electromotive force inductance
magnetic field strength magnetic flux magnetic flux density magnetomotive force
resistance resistivity
luminance illuminance luminous intensity luminous flux
Physical Chemistry
amount of substance length (atomic units) mass (atomic units) molality
Ionizing Radiation
absorbed dose activity dose equivalent exposure

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