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You and the metric system

Are you rusty on the SI, today's modern metric system? Go here to find out whether you need refresher training. The question you should ask yourself is, "Do you want to keep up by metricating now or do you want to try to catch up in desperation later on?"

Complete metrication of the world, including the United States is inevitable. The SI, as the metric system is called today, is so universally understood, so easy to use, and so prevalent that no other outcome is possible. That leaves you to decide when to hop on board this train which is already pulling out of the station. Otherwise, you will be left behind.

Fortunately you are more metricated already than you realize. All the units of measurement that relate to electricity are metric: volt, ampere, hertz, watt. The simplest unit of time, the second, is an SI base unit. All of your medications are metric. The metric system has been taught for so many years now in the U.S. that almost all Americans have received training on it, though they might be rusty.

You may be involved in a business that can benefit from increased knowledge of the metric system and perhaps can benefit by using it in your procedures. Or you may be an American who would like to brush up on the metric system for personal reasons. In either case, we at Metric MethodsSM can help you. We are geared primarily towards small businesses (just a few employees to a few hundred employees). We also provide free training for teachers in public and private schools and for home-school groups in our area upon request.

We can provide you with training and can help you establish an in-house program so that you can train new workers. We can advise and assist you with conversion of documents such as contracts, specifications, and drawings. We can keep you up to date on global issues in this area.

Who needs to know the SI?
   Your sales force,
        your technical staff,
            your clerical and secretarial staff,
                your workers, and

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