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SI Unit and Prefix Names in Italian

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Note:  Unless otherwise indicated, all Italian unit names are masculine in gender.
In English Symbol In italiano

SI base units

meter m metro
kilogram kg chilogrammo (o kilogrammo)
second s secóndo
ampere A ampere
kelvin K kelvin 
[o grado termometrico assoluto]
mole mol móle (fem.)
candela cd candéla (fem.)

SI derived units with special names

hertz Hz hertz
newton N newton
pascal Pa pascal
joule J joule
watt W watt
coulomb C coulomb
volt V volt
farad F farad
ohm [Omega] ohm
siemens S siemens
weber Wb weber
tesla T tesla
henry H henry
degree Celsius °C grado Celsius
lumen lm lumen
lux lx lux
becquerel Bq becquerel
gray Gy gray
sievert Sv sievert
radian rad radiante
steradian sr steradiante

SI special name

liter l*  litro

SI prefixes

yotta Y yotta
zetta Z zetta
exa E exa
peta P peta
tera T tera
giga G giga
mega M mega
kilo k chilo o kilo
hecto h etto
deka da dèca
deci d déci
centi c centi
milli m milli
micro µ micro
nano n nano
pico p pico
femto f femto
atto a atto
zepto z zepto
yocto y yocto
 * never use "L" as a symbol for "litro"; a script "l" is sometimes seen to be used for clarity but this is deprecated.

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For your convenience, the following infomation is supplied; you may see these metric (but non-SI) units used in some literature:
In English (equivalent) Symbol In italiano
(1 m2) ca centiara (fem.)
are (100 m2) a ara (fem.)
hectare (10 000 m2) ha èttaro 
[raro:  ettàra (fem.)]
carat (200 mg) ct carato
(10 kg) Mg** Miriagrammo (antiquato, fuori uso)
(100 kg) q quintale
tonne, metric ton (1000 kg) t tonnellata (fem.)
** NOTE:  This is now the SI symbol for "megagram" (1 000 000 g, equal to 1000 kg).

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Translation tips:

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Contributor: Leonardo Boselli, Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile, Università di Firenze

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