SI Unit and Prefix Names in German

Note:  Unless otherwise indicated, all German unit names are neuter in gender.

In English Zeichen Auf deutsch


meter m Meter (das, aber zuweilen der)
kilogram kg Kilogramm
second s Sekunde (die)
ampere A Ampere
kelvin K Kelvin 
mole mol Mol
candela cd Candela (die)

abgeleitete SI-Einheiten

radian rad Radiant (der)
steradian sr Steradiant (der)
hertz Hz Hertz
newton N Newton
pascal Pa Pascal
joule J Joule
watt W Watt
coulomb C Coulomb
volt V Volt
farad F Farad
ohm [Omega] Ohm
siemens S Siemens
weber Wb Weber
tesla T Tesla
henry H Henry
degree Celsius °C Grad Celsius (der oder das)
lumen lm Lumen
lux lx Lux
becquerel Bq Becquerel
gray Gy Gray
sievert Sv Sievert

anderen Einheiten

liter l oder L Liter (das, aber zuweilen der)
tonne, metric ton t Tonne (die)


yotta Y Yotta
zetta Z Zetta
exa E Exa
peta P Peta
tera T Tera
giga G Giga
mega M Mega
kilo k Kilo
hecto h Hekto
deka da Deka
deci d Dezi
centi c Zenti
milli m Milli
micro µ Mikro
nano n Nano
pico p Piko
femto f Femto
atto a Atto
zepto z Zepto
yocto y Yocto

For your convenience, the following infomation is supplied; you may see these metric (but non-SI) units used in some literature:

In English (equivalent) Zeichen Auf deutsch
square meter or meter squared (1 m2) m2, qm* Quadratmeter
cubic meter or meter cubed (1 m3) cbm* (nicht kbm!)* Kubikmeter
are (100 m2) a Ar
hectare (10 000 m2) ha Hektar
(100 ha = 1 km2) km2, qkm* Quadratkilometer
carat or metric carat (200 mg) Kt* oder ct* metrisches Karat
degree [of arc] ° Grad (der)
minute [of arc] or arcminute ' ** Minute (die)
second [of arc] or arcsecond " ** Sekunde (die)
gon (1/400 of a complete circle's arc) gon Gon
* definitely not SI and strongly deprecated ("non-legal" or "nichtgesetzliche") but provided here since you may see them in older literature.
** straight, not "curly".

Translation tips:

Source:  Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB); Thomas Sippel

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